About Us

Lilia, Majid and Hannah playing with the sand

Hi! We are Hannah, Majid and Lilia. Welcome to our blog 🙂


Have you ever felt trapped in your every day life? Have you ever felt like you needed a break from your work-eat-sleep routine? Have you ever wanted to give it all up?
We certainly have…and so we decided to do something about it. We bought a campervan, sold our house and all our stuff to travel around Europe for a year, with no particular destination.

We are a family of three:


My name is Lilia. I am 5 years old. I have much more energy than my parents who have a hard time keeping up with me 😂😂

I am an extremely sensitive, helpful and generous child. I might be shy when you first meet me but if I feel comfortable with you, you won’t manage to stop me after the first few minutes.

Be careful what you promise me because I never forget ANYTHING.

I love my Mum, my Dad, my grand-parents, playing, my soft toys, reading and painting.

5 facts about me:

I had been to 12 countries on 5 continents before my second birthday.
I speak 4 languages - sometimes all at the same time.
My best friend is called Melissa, I will definitely miss her during the trip.
My favourite colour is ``all the colours of the rainbow 🌈``.
I want to live in Africa after our trip.


I was born in Casablanca and went to live in Spain when I was 22 years old. A few years ago, I moved to Belgium with Hannah.

I am always ready for a new adventure, be it parachute jumping or a fun night out. I take my time to think about the next move, I don’t like being rushed into things. I am honest, generous and easy going.

I love spending time with my friends & family, Raja Casablanca football club, playing football and travelling, especially by bike.

Manual jobs have no secrets for me: I am a hairdresser, electrician, cook, …

5 facts about me:

I have 6 sisters.
I will never be an actor: the only role I have ever had was playing a tree in my primary school play.
I love taking pictures, lots and lots of them, but I let Hannah sort them out.
At 40 years old, I studied for 2 years to get my secondary school diploma... in Dutch.
But most importantly: I love Raja (or did I already mention that??).


I consider myself a citizen of the world. I was born in Switzerland to British parents, grew up in Belgium, got married in Spain after having lived in the USA, Morocco and Egypt.

I love spending time with my friends & family, travelling, learning languages and playing basketball.

I am the impatient one in the family, always rushing into things. Luckily, Majid is there to bring me back down to Earth.

Always wanting to help, I will go to great lengths for my friends. I also share the role of family clown with Lilia, joking and talking all the time. Poor Majid would like a bit of peace and quiet.

5 facts about me:

I speak 7 languages (some far from perfectly).
I love reading, for fun or to learn new things.
I am hyper sensitive.
I have a life coach diploma and am planning on starting my online business soon.
My dream is to travel full time.

We want to focus on spending lots of time together, without always rushing to work, school, appointments, etc.

We will make the most of this trip to share, meet other people, discover new cultures, live a more simple and minimalistic lifestyle.