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Our budget

293,05 EUR in total or 48,84 EUR/day for the three of us

Our itinerary

6 days (3-8 September)

We found a camping on the outskirts of Sofia run by a lovely man called Ivan. We took the metro straight to the centre. We saw some nice buildings but weren’t really impressed by the town. Maybe we are not big city people.

We enjoyed Plovdiv much more. We strolled through a trendy neighbourhood with lots of restaurants and street art, we saw the impressive ancient Roman theatre, we wandered through the cobbled streets of the old town and admired the view from the top of the town.

We spent the next three days along the Black Sea. After the man at the petrol station tried to rip us off, we found a spot at beautiful Nessebar. We were parked right between the quaint old town and the beach, perfect! We were happy to enjoy the beach after being inland for the first month of our trip.

We also stopped off at Sozopol on our way to the Turkish border.


The Black Sea town Nessebar
The great atmosphere in Plovdiv
The kindness of Ivan

What we didn’t like so much

The rubbish everywhere
We were a bit disappointed by Sofia
The many Nazi signs we saw, including in a children's playground
The terrible state of the roads and terrible drivers

We didn’t really spend enough time in this country to have a real opinion of it. Again, it was a deliberate choice, we wanted to arrive to Turkey to enjoy the warm days. We can’t do everything in one year so we have to make choices and we are glad about the one we made.

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