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Our budget

1083,37 EUR in total or 135,42 EUR/day for the three of us
We spent much more than we wanted these last few days. Hotels were obviously not something we had planned. This also had an effect on the rest of the budget because we ate out most of the time instead of cooking as we didn’t have access to a kitchen. Nevermind, that is part of travelling, always plan for something unexpected to happen 🤪

Our itinerary

8 days (31 July to 7 August 2022)
On our first day in Prague, we walked around the city all day: along the Danubius, crossed Charles bridge and walked up to the castle.
The next day, we went to the Museum of Fantastic Illusions. It was fun taking photos in all kinds of set ups. We didn’t enjoy it that much though because there were really too many people and you had to queue up for every photo. Probably better to visit outside the school holiday period.
We spent the rest of the afternoon walking round the pretty streets of the old town.
The next day was a break from city life: we drove a couple of hours to Krkonoše National Park. We hiked 6 km all the way to the top and were rewarded with a stunning view. We enjoyed a well deserved drink before we walked the 6 km back down to the car. We finished the day tired but grateful for a full day surrounded by nature.
Our third day in the Czech capital was again a busy day.
First I met Tereza, a girl I had been talking to on Instagram fora while. It was lovely to meet such a nice person. I told her we were going to Czesky Krumlov at the weekend and she even offered that we spend an afternoon at there far as it is in the same region.
After our chat, I found Majid and Lilia again and we walked to John Lennon’s Wall. In the evening we found a brilliant Jordanian Restaurant. It was in a sort of farmer’s market. The guy cooked everything from scratch in front of us, he was super friendly and everything was delicious.
We then spent two full days in Cesky Krumlov, a beautiful medieval town a couple of hours South of Prague. We really enjoyed this town, with it’s cute streets, traditional shops and impressive views from the top of the castle. We even ate in a Medieval restaurant!
We also spent one afternoon driving through the beautiful countryside to Pravsko to spend some time on Tereza and her family’s farm.
We weren’t planning on going to this country, thinking we would save Prague for a city trip some other time. But due to the campervan breaking down, we ended up here. We loved it so much, it has so much too offer.  This again proves that everything happens for a reason and you can find an upside in most negative situations.
We are glad we saw other places apart from Prague. Czech Republic is so much more than just its famous capital.
Put this country on your bucket list!

Our highlights

Walking around Český Krumlov's fairy tale streets
The atmosphere in Prague
The Jordanian restaurant in Prague
Our hike in the mountains
Our afternoon at the farm with Tereza and her family

What we didn’t like so much

The way cars overtake very dangerously
Not so easy to find options without meat/lactose but we managed
The crowd and the entrance fee of the Museum of Fantastic Illusions

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