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Our budget

246,74 EUR in total or 49,35 EUR/day for the three of us

Our Itinerary

5 days (17 – 22 July 2022)

The first country of our journey: Germany

After such a long wait Saturday 16 July has finally arrived. Leaving the house we have been living in for the past 5 years and where Lilia has grown from baby to toddler to young child was quite an emotionnal moment. But the new owners seem very nice and we are sure they will have as many good times in it as we did.
After so many exhausting weeks of preparation, we decided to not go too far on the first day so we drove to exotic Namur. The purpose of this destination was to spend the afternoon with our friends Leila and Fernando and their lovely daughter Nouria.

“Waving goodbye to our house”

“With our friends in Namur”

After our first night in the campervan, the next day was a long day as we drove all day through Belgium, Luxemburg and France to Waldkirch, in Germany. This is the entrance of the Black Forest. We found a great free spot right next to a football pitch.
The next morning, we took full advantage of the football pitch to do some sport. Once showered, we drove through the Black Forest. Our first stop was in Titisee where we wondered round the lake and rented a pedalo.

“Lake Titisee”

After that, we continued our drive to Eigeltingen, another free spot on a farm. Lilia loved the animals walking around us and the huge playground. We met a lovely French family from Bordeaux who have been traveling for 8 months with their 3 daughters and another couple from Brittany with their 8 month old daughter.
On the fourth day, we spent the morning with the French family. Lilia loved playing with the girls. Just as we thought, we didn’t need to worry about Lilia spending a year without other children.

“Playground at the farm in Eigeltingen”

“Our spot on the farm”

We drove to Lindsau next but couldn’t find anywhere to park easily so continued to a spot for the night near Füssen. It’s just a small parking at the side of a road but the view of the mountains is extraordinary. A perfect setting for Majid to go running and swimming in the river in the morning.

“Beautiful scenery in Füssen”

“Quick dip in the lake”

After the effort, we hit the road again and drove past the famous Neuschwanstein castle.
Then we went to visit Oberammergau. We did the first “Ze groupe challenge” (see future article about this) which was to visit a town without knowing anything about it before, without a map and just asking people. The village was lovely with all the paintings on the walls of the houses.
As we were getting really hot, Lilia and Majid had a swim in the nearby river.

“Little Red Riding Hood’s House in Oberammergau”

“Humpty Dumpty”

“Beautiful town”

Next, we drove to Ohlstadt. We found a spot on a parking next to an outdoor swimming pool. We enjoyed that and the playground next door. It is the first spot that we paid for (10 EUR).
It rained most of the night so the weather was much cooler. We went for a walk to the little town of Ohlstadt. We then challenged the cold and I took Lilia swimming. We spent some more time at the playground. Then we drove through the mountains and stopped at Seebruck on Chiemsee lake. It was a nice parking just outside the town. This concluded our 5 days in Germany
We didn’t want to spend much time in Germany as we are heading for the countries a bit further from home. We know there are many gems to be discovered in this country but it will be for another occasion.

“The swimming pool in Ohlstadt”

“Great fun at the playground”

“Walking to Ohlstadt”

Our highlights

The farm
The swimming pool in Ohlstadt
The views driving through the mountains

What we didn’t like so much

Difficult to find much variety in some supermarkets

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