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Wow already a whole month has gone since we have changed our lifestyle and become nomads. So much has happened in this month.
We have spent time with old friends, met new people, picked up a hitchhiker…but also spent a lot of time on our own.
We have already visited 4 countries, probably going too fast and not relaxing enough, but we will slow down now that we are in Romania.
We have had many deep thoughts about life, our relationship to things and even people. We know that we don’t need much to be happy and the freedom we feel just being able to pick up our things and move is invaluable.
One of the most important topics has been time. We have nowhere to be and nothing that we have to do. Since we have hit the road, we work more as a team. Taking time to cook everyday, do sports, read stories, do our washing, clean the campervan…things that seemed to be so rushed in Belgium. We were doing one thing but already thinking about rushing to not be late for the next. Having time back is our most precious win so far. It is the only thing that you can’t get back once it is gone.
There have been tantrums (Lilia is quite good at them), some tears because she misses our house, moments when we couldn’t find a place to empty our toilet or our grey water, times where we couldn’t find a good spot, sometimes we have been hungry, hot or whatever. We have made many mistakes, learnt a lot but came out stronger.
But there has also been lots of love, laughter, fun moments, amazing views. Life on the road is not just beautiful Instagram pictures, it is life, our life.

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