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Lilia, Majid and Hannah playing with the sand
Are we crazy?
The short answer is…yes
The long answer is…I really don’t think so.
Since we have announced that we were selling everything to go and travel in our campervan for a year, we have had different reactions from “brilliant, it’s going to be a wonderful experience” to “I would love to do that but I couldn’t”…but also quite a few “are you crazy?”
Have you ever felt stuck in a routine, a job, just waiting for the weekend to arrive? Do you really want to do something you don’t love for 5 days a week just to have two free days? Who said you had to live like that?
Now, I am absolutely not saying you should quit your job, far from it.
I am saying it is possible to do something you like doing every single day. Be that travelling, finding a job you love, going to the gym, playing with your kids, whatever. There is no universal recipe for happiness. But it should definitely be lived on your terms.
Your life is not suddenly going to be perfect. I don’t feel like skipping in a field of tulips every morning even when I am travelling. But I do feel like I am doing something meaningful and that makes me satisfied and happy 99% of the time.
I have gone deep (thank you coaching peeps) and now know my values perfectly, I know what I will accept or not. And one thing I will certainly not accept anymore is not living life on my terms.
Lilia, Hannah and Majid with their brand new caravan!
Hannah and Lilia on the beach 2019
Are we lucky?
This is something else we hear a lot: Wow, you are so lucky to go travelling for a year.
Our answer is ->
Yes, we are lucky to have been born in a country that is not at war, for our loving families, to be (just about) healthy and many other things. But I don’t think we are lucky that we are living this adventure. We created this situation and decided to go for our dream and not put it to the back of our minds until we are retired.
This trip has involved a lot of preparation, a lot of hard work, stress, doubt and sacrifice. We know what we want and have decided to commit to it.
It has meant selling our house, selling literally everything we own except what we are taking with us and a few souvenirs like our photo albums (thanks Mum & Dad) in order to finance this trip.
It has meant giving up on possible promotions in our stable jobs.
It means not seeing some of our friends and family for a long time.
We have heard many excuses: “great but I could never do it because x or y”.
You don’t have to do it, it is not every person’s dream but if it’s what you really want, you will find a way, like we have and so many other families before us.
So are we lucky? No but we were super determined to make it happen and enjoy every minute of it!


  • October 27, 2022

    I completely agree! Enjoy this marvellous journey! 😘


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